Letter from the Executive Director

Colorado is an incredible state that people want to call home, yet our rapidly growing population is presenting challenges for many who struggle to find affordable housing. Over 155,000 low-income households are cost burdened, paying more than 50 percent of their income for a safe place to live. As varied as the factors are that contribute to the state’s lack of affordable housing, there is no one solution to the problem. What may be achievable in an urban center might not work for a rural community. The question becomes “where do you begin?”

The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) has been working closely with local governments and municipalities for over 50 years providing resources and assistance that help meet the needs of all Coloradans. Through our Colorado Division of Housing (DOH), we administer state and federal funding, offer rental assistance through local housing authorities and non-profits, and certify all factory and/or manufactured structures built or shipped to Colorado.

To provide easy access to important housing resources, DOH has created this edition of the Affordable Housing Guide for Local Officials; a one-stop compilation of funding, programs, housing options, service providers, and terminology available to local communities in Colorado. We believe this guide will be an invaluable tool.

DOLA is committed to strengthening Colorado communities. We look forward to working closely with local and statewide agencies in our shared vision that everyone has the opportunity to have a safe place to call home. The Affordable Housing Guide for Local Officials is a resource to help achieve this goal.

Irv Halter
Executive Director

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